Why not take steroids from the age of 50?

With the improvement of the quality of life as well as the progression of medical advances, life expectancy does not stop increasing from year to year.

And if in the 1940s, we were 50 years old, this state is no longer valid today where life expectancy has exceeded 80 years, in European countries.

Now, at 50 we still feel in great shape and above all, we have become accomplished adults. However, to maintain this state of fitness and health, we eat healthy and practice sport as often as possible, an attitude that is so much valued by magazines and health professionals.

But to be at the top, and as charismatic and attractive as George Clooney or Brad Pitt, many of you gentlemen will obviously want to call on steroids, in order to guarantee you an Apollo musculature, firm and without the slightest fat.

But here is a small shadow on the board! Despite your physical form and your good mood, anabolic steroids are not recommended for men over 50. Yes, even with medical advances and longer life expectancy.

We will therefore explain in this article, why it is not recommended to take anabolics after 50 years. But fear not, we have already prepared an alternative to steroids for you. So smile, you will soon be able to sport pretty muscles.

A history of HPTA axis :

We understand perfectly that you are all thrilled at the idea of ​​taking steroids at your age in order to display beautiful round muscles to make little youngsters fade. However, I bet you've never heard of your HPTA axis. And yes, with its name not really comforting, theHPTA axis is nevertheless one of your most faithful servants! I light your lantern:

The HPTA axis corresponds to a complex set of relationships and signals that we find between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the adrenals. Thanks to the HPTA axis, hormones stress, growth and reproduction will be able to fulfill their role perfectly in men. So you understood, your HPTA axis is the sponsor of your production testosterone and sperm among others. A heavy task to complete!

And it is precisely at the level of the HPTA axis that the problem will be located, during the steroid treatment. Indeed, by taking steroids, your body will find itself in excess of testosterone. Your HPTA axis, unprepared for this profusion of hormone, will find itself disoriented. To cope with excess testosterone, it will therefore block the production of natural testosterone.

I also want to remind you, despite the longer life expectancy, thatfrom the age of 50, the production of reproductive hormones drops considerably. As a result, not only is your testosterone production already in small quantities, but taking steroids will stop its production. So when you finish your treatment (maybe even a little earlier), the steroids will have completely disappeared from your body, and also your natural testosterone! And at 50, with less natural production, the mechanism of the HPTA axis will be difficult to revive even with a post cure revival.

Expect therefore with a steroid treatment, after 50 years, to undergo the effects of impotence, sterility, accompanied by acne or even baldness. To these more than bothersome effects can be added cardiovascular disorders, mood disorders, and even cancer! Faced with all these troubles, I am no longer sure that you are feeling your best. So think about your HPTA axis!

Peptides and growth hormone, great alternatives to steroids:

In order to avoid the suppression of natural testosterone production in the body, due to taking Of steroids, we prefer to guide you to two other categories of sports supplements: peptides and growth hormone.

Peptides for targeted action:

You never heard of peptides ? However, peptides are building blocks for every cell in your body. Yes, peptides correspond to small chains of amino acids, the number of which is less than 50 amino acids. Combined with each other, the peptides will then form proteins.

They act in the body as a messenger and nerve transmitter. By synthesizing them, science has been able to isolate and reproduce the different functions of peptides. Today, you can therefore start a peptide cure either for a dry mass gain or to burn fat, but also to boost your libido, repair damaged tissue and even facilitate the tanning of your skin. In addition, they have an anti-aging action, more than appreciable. Note that the peptides do not not provide side effects such as suppression of testosterone, caused by steroids. The cure can therefore be considered with peace of mind.

Peptides will surely meet your objectives, whatever they may be.

Differentiate the main peptides:

  • MOD-GRF 1-29, for a dry and muscular physique:

Le MOD-GRF 1-29 Will allow you to burning fat of the body while gaining muscle mass. It will have an anti-aging action on your skin and thanks to its cure, you will find baby sleep.

  • CJC-1295 DAC, for a dream silhouette:

Unlike MOD-GRF 1-29 which has a relatively short lifespan (30 minutes after taking), CJC-1295 DAC has a lifespan of 8 days. A cure of CJC-1295 DAC will assure you a firm silhouette, without fatty mass, with pretty striated muscles.

This peptide represents the fragment of the growth hormone facilitating the combustion and the breakdown of body fat. With its cure, your body will refine and firm itself in depth.

  • GHRP-6, for the development of muscle mass:

GHRP6 will stimulate thedigestion hormone, awakening at home, the urge to eat. This stimulation will be your best ally for a significant weight gain.

  • Ipamorelin, to rediscover the virtues of youth:

Ipamorelin has the ability to stimulate the production of Growth Hormone (GH) deficiency. Thus, the increased presence of growth hormone in your body will allow the renewal of your cells. Armed with new cells, your skin will become supple and firm again. Your muscles will tone up. And your bad wrinkles will disappear.

  • Melanotan, to sublimate your skin with a tanned complexion:

Le Melanotan has this fabulous ability to stimulate the mechanism tanning, even without the slightest ray of sunshine. With a cure of Melanotan, you bring to your body a sunny color, throughout the year.

  • TB500, to no longer suffer injuries:

Le TB500 is known for its exceptional healing power of damaged tissue. With it, you will no longer remain weakened by injuries and will regain form and flexibility in record time.

There are other peptides to meet your goals. Peptide blends have also been created to strengthen or combine their action in order to bring you maximum results and well-being.

Growth hormone, for a complete regeneration of the organism:

A growth hormone treatment is also an excellent choice for staying in top shape after 50 years. Unlike peptides which will bring you a targeted action, a cure of growth hormone will have a much more general and complete action on the body.

Growth hormone is found in the body naturally. It also plays the main role in the development of our body until adulthood. Then, it gradually withdraws, reducing its production. By performing a growth hormone treatment, it gives your body a second youth, since it will allow:

  • De renew damaged and aging cells, therefore to provide the body with new cells, at the peak of their performance,
  • To do disappear fat, weighing down the body
  • De build muscle
  • D’improve morale, filling up on energy
  • De strengthen the immune system

The growth hormone cures are carried out over a period of three months to six months.

Now you are enlightened. You are 50 years old, you want to still live at the top of your lungs, so think about your axis HPTA and to keep your manhood, while maximizing your physique, forget about steroids and start today a cure of peptides or hormone growth.

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