Why is doping still taboo?

A taboo subject ... Obviously, the simple act of writing or pronouncing the word " DOPING »Seems to bother all players in the sports world.

opage healer comicsThe only occasions when this word appears in capital letters, in bold characters or even in colors are when it is necessary to dismiss an athlete for all the recognition he has acquired for a "mistake committed". This attitude of the mass media is a beginning of track to understand the mouths sewn of the professionals of the sport. Whereas if we want to advance the subject in one direction or the other, we must free up the word! Let us try to understand the other reasons which make this practice a subject which it would be unhealthy to raise by virtue of social or moral conventions (definition of Larousse).

Fear of punishment

doping sanctionThe, or rather the sanctions fall on the athlete overnight. They can be classified into two parts, on the one hand the professional sanction and on the other the media sanction. Both scare athletes. The first can go as far as the prohibition to practice, to exercise the sport to which they have dedicated their life since their youngest age for the majority of them, while losing their source of income (price, contract with the sponsors, etc.). The second reaches the honor, the pride of the sportsman, loved by some, adulated by the fans of their sport. When the doped sportsman is exposed, all this recognition evaporates to make room for insults, criticism and judgment. The previous stories like that of Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson renowned sprinter or even the cyclist Lance Armstrong are examples that are present in the minds of all. We can easily understand that the protagonists of sport do not want to talk about the doping phenomenon so as not to take the risk of being financially and morally ruined by these sanctions!

Doping sportsmen: guilty, but are they solely responsible?

The subject of doping also remains taboo for a very different reason. If a swimmer, athlete or footballer is doping, then you have to wonder why he is doing it. And there, perhaps an obviousness could put in false door the sports authorities! Since the end of the twentieth century, sport has metamorphosed and adapted to our economy by transforming itself into a commercial product which generates astronomical sums which exceed our imagination. And like any financial product, it must be improved, optimized and in the sporting environment this translates into more busy schedules in events and also by the need for performance and the multiplication of records. On the other hand, there are the sponsors who in many cases represent the main source of income for athletes, and they want champions to represent their brands. Those who put pressure on athletes to get the best results and give them the impression that they no longer have the right to fail. From this point of view, one can imagine that if the mask of doping was lifted, those responsible would possibly not be only athletes.

responsible trainer

Unusual stories, incredible excuses sometimes!

Like children caught cheating, some athletes and their entourage have as excuses, each one more implausible than the other. This is again due to the taboo surrounding the subject. Athletes are not ready to admit to having used prohibited products and they sometimes fall into ridicule to hide the practice. Here are some pearls for laughing at what is so scary in sport.

Triple Tour de France winner Alberto Contador hid behind a Spanish steak "stuffed with clenbuterol To justify the presence of this prohibited product in its metabolism.

In Lausanne in 2007, the Russian rowing team was caught by syringes which they threw in a bin intended for recycling.

At the London Olympics, it's the American athlete LaShawn Merritt who said he ingested DHEA to enlarge his penis.



Regardless, our position in the face of doping, it is the duty of every sports professional to break down all these barriers. As with all subjects to be discussed, free speech facilitates discussion and progress. So that the practice of sport can once again become a pleasure and a moment of equitable sharing at all levels and not a risk for these participants. To break the taboo, athletes, their staff, federations all have an important role to play.


  1. The only sport in which doping is not considered taboo is pétanque. Note the pétanque players take PASTAGA throughout the day and that influences their way of playing. They are more relaxed, etc. (Laughter

  2. But attitudes towards doping are starting to change! The one who is doped is no longer the bad guy! He had to do it, the competition is getting tougher.

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