Tribulus Terrestris

Today we invite you to learn more about the major medicinal properties of tribulus terrestris in traditional and sports medicine.

Tribulus as natural testosterone

Tribulus is a plant known to give energy and improve libido. Long used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as a supplement to increase physical strength and endurance. It also turns out to be a powerful aphrodisiac by regulating the production of testosterone. This is why it is very popular in the world of body-building in terms of increasing muscle mass and endurance. One of the positive properties of tribulus, and does not leave any waste or toxins in the body after its ingestion. This is why it is called "natural testosterone".

Tribulus as a natural anabolic

Tribulus has long been used by athletes in the East to improve their athletic performance. Being rich in flavonoids, saponins is in steroid, it has been recommended thanks to its multiple properties for sports endurance as well as bodybuilding. It is particularly appreciated with regard to improving protein synthesis and endurance, but above all, with regard to recovery after exercise, with regard to athletes. By its action on the Testosterone, it allows the improvement of the strength of the muscles while increasing the volume capacity of these.

Tribulus and libido

With a good combination with other products, like maca, ginseng or rhodiola, the tribulus turns out to be an excellent aphrodisiac for the libido of the man and the woman. It regulates the production of testosterone and decreases erectile dysfunction. It has a particularity in increasing fertility in humans by increasing the production of sperm. As for women, it increases the concentration of hormones thus promoting ovulation and the libido thereof.

The plant deeply cleaning the body, this allows the optimization of the libido by removing certain harmful effects of some toxins from the reproductive systems. This results in sexual vitality as is rare to expect with other aphrodisiacs.

Tribulus and bodybuilding

One of the properties of tribulus is to increase muscle mass very efficiently and quickly. It has all the properties of the best anabolic steroids while being a natural product with no recognized side effects. By taking a few remedies to lower estrogen in the blood, you can therefore hope for the best possible effect for gaining muscle mass with a two to three week course of tribulus. It is therefore very important for those who want to gain muscle quickly enough not to rule out the possibility of doing a tribulus cure to gain endurance and physical strength, in order to put all their chances on their side to achieve their ends.

Tribulus study

It was only after having made a thorough study in the 80s on Bulgarian athletes that several hypotheses were made on the real qualities of the tribulus. They were never tested positive once after each doping test. In fact, studies from Eastern Europe and the East clearly state that tribulus favorably stimulates the natural production of testosterone. On the other hand, studies from western countries reveal the opposite. Scientifically speaking, it is not really possible to decide favorably or unfavorably towards this product. However, many people who practice bodybuilding and other sports swear by it. It is therefore necessary to also rely on the direct experiences of the athletes who consume it. It is still impossible to speak, as regards the negative sides of the tribulus, or its inaction, of detractors, or of a simple war between laboratories.

Tribulus and steroids

It is important to state that tribulus is by no means among the steroids. And this is certainly its first characteristic. It is often named as such because it contains saponins. Some may be steroid, others may not. This is the case of the tribulus. Its particularity remains to act as a pro hormone effective first, against sterility and therefore promoting fertility by increasing the production of testosterone. In the second case, its multiple positive medicinal properties, like, the increase in physical strength and recovery after it make it one of the best supplements for energy gain.

Update January 2018: You can now get food supplements (including Tribulus) in our supplements section.


  1. Hello,
    In my youth, I took Tribulus in several forms for years, whether or not following prescriptions. The effect on libido was undeniable, is the only reason why I took it. I converted several friends to tribulus as an aphrodisiac. However, we never had to complain about any side effects. . Although some studies classify tribulus as a simple placebo, you still have to be very careful and not exceed 1000 mg per day for 2 weeks followed by a week off.

  2. Me too for having already done a tribulus cure I can give you my opinion.
    Where it is most effective, everyone agrees that it gives gives a desire to put his zigounette in any hole so the feeling of wanting to kiss is important.
    By cons in terms of performance training, do not expect a miracle product and be able to lift heavy loads like the pros.
    It should be remembered that the tribulus is only a simple plant, the effects will never be immediate, the changes will only occur in ten days.
    So trebulus is a good product, but not a miracle product.

  3. I find this thing really interesting a natural alternative to pharmaceutical products !! I wonder where can we find this famous Tribulus?

  4. Yes I confirm, the numerous testimonies on the forums also plead in his favor.
    With me it contributes to the improvement of sports performance, increases sexual desire, an increase in muscle mass and this with only a few grams of Tribulus Terrestris.

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