The best T3-Cytomel on the anabolic market in 2020

Cytomel is the common brand name ofthyroid hormone synthetic liothyronine sodium, which represents the manufactured version of thethyroid hormone natural called triiodothyronine, usually nicknamed thehormone T3.

This hormone is involved in several cellular functions, including the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

What benefits can you expect from using T3-Cytomel?

T3-Cytomel acts mainly according to the following objectives:

  • Il improves metabolism of the human body, thus contributing to digestive function
  • It serves as an aid when a user has a thyroid that is not functioning properly
  • It helpsnutrient uptake
  • It promotes cardiovascular function by serving as an aid in the use of oxygen
  • Il improves fat burning capacity
  • He is of great help in treatment of hypothyroidism. A state where the thyroid gland does not work enough, which could result in weight gain, loss of energy, hair loss and changes in the skin (appearance and texture).

Accompanied by diet low calorie, the use of Cytomel will promote significant fat loss ; although in general this same effect occurs with the use of Anabolic Steroids.

However, it has been reported that T3-Cytomel has a lethargic effect on users; which is not surprising since the product uses ATP. For the purpose of fat loss, it is necessary to burn more calories than those consumed. Thus, if a user consumes more calories than he burns, Cytomel will not act on the user.

The dosages and cycles of T3-Cytomel

All these athletes (bodybuilders and weightlifters, for example) who want to use T3 for its benefits losing fat or weight, should start with a dosage of 25 to 50 mcg per day,e time to know their tolerance threshold in relation to the effects of fat burning as well as the increase in temperature. As we all react differently to the Cytomel dosage, it is therefore important to know that - for example - a dosage of 50 mcg can promote a weight loss and an increase in metabolism in a regular and efficient manner in a person; while in another, the degree of effectiveness may be lower.

Once the tolerance has been assessed and defined for a specific dosage, after a few days, the user can increase the dose by adding 25 mcg per day (or every two days, depending on the user's experience level). When the maximum dose has been reached (in general, at a rate of 75 mcg to 100 mcg per day), the user maintains this dosage until the end of his cycle.

La maximum dose for most women should be between 50 mcg and 75 mcg per day ; knowing that 75 mcg is the maximum limit for the woman.

The most common side effects of T3-Cytomel

We will distinguish the common side effects when using T3 starting with the more serious negative effects, then list those diseases and discomforts that are not compatible with T3-Cytomel supplementation.

The most common (but not all) side effects when using T3 are: possible headache, flushing, sweating, palpitations and irregular heartbeat, pain in the calves, increased bowel activity, nervousness , aggression, irritability, anxiety, hair loss, depression and chest pain.

However, these above mentioned effects will be easily avoidable if you do a pre-cycle health check to make sure the T3 is compatible with your genetics, then referring to the dosage indications, as illustrated above. Therefore, most healthy users will have no more than possible headaches, increased heart rate, or occasional sweating.

The best T3-Cytomel products / brands on the market

The fact is that several illegal manufacturers are present on the market ; and they're totally out of control. Therefore, beware of the many counterfeit, under-dosed and even dangerous products for your health. It is therefore essential to choose a supplier who meets the following minimum requirements:

  • The supplier has batch tested all of its products before marketing them.
  • The supplier has a high customer satisfaction rate with several positive feedbacks
  • Supplier undertook to comply with the instructions of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) - These rules have been created to ensure that all products for human use strictly meet the standards of purity and concentration.

We have consulted all the products / brands on the market and have selected a list of the best; which all meet the previously announced requirements:

  1. T-Gen 3 by Myogen
  2. T3 by MACTROPIN
  3. T3 by Dragon Pharma
  4. Couple with some Clenbuterol , the effectiveness of T3 will only be best.

Each of the products you choose from the list above will undoubtedly bring the results you expect from a reliable and effective product. You're right to choose the best, it's your body!


  1. Great article by the way!
    I have two or three questions regarding the article.
    Is it better to split the take in two (morning and evening)?
    Should it be taken on an empty stomach or a full stomach?
    To avoid muscle loss while taking T3, which anabolic product should you take it with?

  2. I just started a T3-cytomel cycle a few days ago. I started with a dose of 5mcg. I take it morning before breakfast. No one around me has taken this kind of medication, I'm curious to see the results and effects of T3 on other people.
    So far, I have noticed some unpleasant effects such as lethargy and feeling tired. Is this due to the fact that I started using the product and my body is adapting? From what I read, some people take up to 20 mcg of T3 per day.

  3. Thyroid hormones are great for burning fat - but I don't recommend using them if you haven't planned a few things to protect your hard-won muscles !!

    My current program looks like this:

    Thyroxine (T4): 60mcg daily

    Liothyronine (T3): 50mcg daily

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