The best products for dry muscle gain in 2020

Often you come across these people training in the gym to try to build muscle, gasping and sweating almost every day, but in the end all these painful efforts weren't enough to make their dream come true. It seems that whatever routine or program you follow is almost all useless - a real waste of time, a waste of money and energy.

However, the worst part is that most of those who manage to earn muscle do not gain dry muscle: a good majority of the percentage of weight acquired is in fact made up of fatty mass, which is cruelly reflected in the mirror ...


So when these people finally realize that supplements can make a real difference, they quickly come to the same conclusion - there are only two possibilities. Either take the path of the natural athlete, making use of suppléments natural (which on the other hand means that the results will take longer to obtain), or else go the fast way and take anabolic steroids.

Before we develop which anabolic steroids are best for dry muscle gain (we will only talk about anabolic supplements in this article), let's first see which training and diet principles are perfect for building a good foundation so that anabolic steroids can demonstrate their best effects.

The principles of training and diet for gaining dry muscles

Whichever program you choose to take, a good diet and proper training are important for almost all sports and fitness activities. A fortiori, if you want to acquire lean muscle mass only (or almost, we will see the reason for this later ...), then training and diet adequate are of utmost importance.

It doesn't matter if you only supplement yourself with products with the highest potential to make you the next Mr. Olympia : You will not gain as much muscle if your diet and training are not excellent.

Diet and nutrition

  • Maximize protein intake : make sure to ingest between 40 and 60 grams of proteinAnd 40 - 80 grams of carbohydrates, depending on your size. Carbohydrates are the traditional key factor for gaining weight in order to gain mass and muscle. However, this only brings optimal results for ectomorphs, young adults with an ultra fast metabolism or simply to build mass, and not dry mass. In order to obtain only dry muscle mass during the period of bulking, you need to eat more protein than normal - these are the building blocks of your muscle mass. The key to gaining mass is to eat just enough to allow the muscle gain process instead of fat storage. It is also essential to make sure that your body fat is kept as low as possible - however "good fats" like nuts, olive oil and fish are necessary and useful for gain of dry muscle.
  • Manage food portions well : To avoid an involuntary weight loss or gain, this rule is essential. Overeating, for example, will simply lead to a large increase in your fat stores. And these reserves are the hardest to lose - your goal is to maximize your training time and efforts to build lean muscle, not to fight to reduce unreasonably accumulated fat reserves!
  • Be precise in the times for your meals: this is essential when your goal is to gain lean muscle, as your body needs nutrients the most during breakfast and after training. In order to meet his needs at these times, you must eat properly at his specific times. This will allow the body to use all the calories and nutrients ingested and thus keep fat levels low.


To get started, increase the frequency of your routines and your workouts. Keeping muscles already built up is easy by continuing to train at your usual pace. However, to increase your lean muscle mass, you should also increase the frequency of your training sessions. For example: if you currently go to the gym twice a week, consider going there 3 or 4 times instead. When you increase the number of workouts per week, it is likely that the duration of your sessions will shorten slightly. The total increase in general will however allow you to gain dry muscle mass.

The best anabolic steroids for lean muscle gain

As mentioned before, anabolic steroids will give that little boost to your quest for dry muscle, an aid that will make the fundamental difference between a muscular body and a stunning physique that can lead to professional world competitions.
It depends on you ... or not ... because it is not only a question of what has been explained in this article so far - that you should only adopt a suitable diet and training program. No, it also depends on your decision to incorporate anabolic steroids if you want to have this famous benefit.
But this advantage is not only obtained by using any steroid, such as those that are under-dosed, fake and dangerous from questionable, unknown, unrated and dishonest manufacturers / distributors currently flooding the online market.
You absolutely must turn to safe, tested, effective, reliable and first class distributors and steroids - if you want to get the results you hope for without the dangerous side effects.
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  1. Very good article, I think the good old steroids from the 70s, anavar, winstrol, dianabol, are still relevant and still effective for lean muscle gain (also great for people who are afraid of needles). I am doing anavar alone at 60mg. but my next cycle will definitely be with testosterone.

  2. I have never taken steroids before but am looking to start a cycle. I want to lose a lot of body fat and get leaner and leaner. But at the same time, I want to get stronger, especially in bench press, deadlifts and squats. Any recommendations on what kind of steroid cycle I should take?

  3. I am not on my first treatment. I'm getting ready to cycle with my favorite compounds which are none other than boldenone and testosterone enanthate. Both of these products are great for building lean muscles. What would be the best product to kickstarter this cycle? Dianabol, Anavar? or something else like Anadrol eg

  4. I don't really believe it! it's reserved for pros or seasoned or guys with very good genetics. For me even with the products you mentioned above there is still a lot of water.

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