The best Anavar among anabolics on sale in 2020

What is Anavar?

Anavar, also commonly known as Oxandrolone, is one of the first choices of users during slimming, thanks to its ability to prevent catabolism, while the user is following a low-calorie diet. Its anabolic power is six times stronger than that of testosterone; However, it produces fewer androgenic effects.

Anavar represents the Anabolic Steroids ideal if you are a beginner. It is also among the favorites of women for its negligible side effects. Note, however, that high dosages can cause a certain level of masculinization in female users. Oxandrolone is also recommended for significant gains in strength and lean muscle.

What benefits can you expect from taking Anavar

The main benefits and positive effects the user can expect from taking Anavar include, but are not limited to:

  • A significant level of nitrogen retention, guaranteeing the maintenance of your muscle mass
  • A force production accelerated
  • A better assimilation of nutrients from food consumed
  • A bigger oxygen absorption capacity
  • A improvement and acceleration of recovery
  • A better anabolic capacity, promoting muscle growth
  • An improvement in the potential to eliminate fat accumulated
  • Un better muscle drying

Anavar cycles and dosages

Generally speaking, Anavar cycles last between 6 to 8 weeks. However, for novice users, it is recommended that you choose a 6-week cycle to determine your personal tolerance level.

The standard dosages are as follows:

  • 30 - 40 mg per day for beginners
  • 50 - 60 mg daily for intermediate level users
  • 70 - 80 mg per day for advanced users
  • 5 - 15 mg daily for female users

It is important to follow a stimulus program (PCT - Post Cycle Treatment) appropriate - using products like Novaldex or Arimidex - at the end of the period of use of Anavar. This will ensure endogenous hormone production levels return to normal.

For example, considering that Anavar is a mild steroid, we can put some cycles in place, according to the following methods:

  • The common method with the cycle of "two weeks of taking, two weeks of break". It applies to several other anabolic steroids.
  • A six week cycle followed by a three to four week break and then resuming the cycle.

Ultimately, the level of dosage administered is most important. For example, if you are administering a light dose of 10 to 20 mg per day, it is not essential to follow a stimulus treatment. On the other hand, if your dosage is 40 mg or more, then you will have to undergo post cycle therapy, because you will have to re-establish your hormonal balance and find the right composition of chemical substances in your body.

Female users should undergo stimulus therapy, regardless of their use, dosage and timing of Anavar, as their body is extremely sensitive to the side effects of Anavar.

The most common side effects of Anavar

Oxandrolone is definitely one of the nicest anabolic steroids. It is one of the few very popular anabolic steroids and popular with female users. This is the reason why it is called "the girl steroid". However, make no mistake: it is very effective in men. The women appreciate it because of its weak side effects (which are produced only at high dosages, as we will explain later in this article).

Oxandrolone is truly, or at least one of the nicest anabolic steroids there is. Let's see the side effects that may occur below:
Androgenic side effects are the most common, but their appearance is mainly due to the genetic predisposition of the user to this type of negative effects. For example: acne, accelerated hair regrowth and hair loss in men.

When it comes to estrogenic side effects, the good thing about this anabolic steroid is thatOxandrolone does not cause any estrogenic side effects. No aromatization process is triggered by Anavar (that is, it does not turn into estrogen), thus eliminating the possibility that phenomena like water retention ou la gynecomastia (development of the mammary glands in men) does occur.

However, as with any anabolic steroid like C17-aa, Oxandrolone is toxic to the liver, although it is the mildest of the steroid C17-aa on the market. It has been shown that therapeutic doses cannot have a significant impact on the liver, but that dosages associated with performance will increase the risk that your liver will be affected by hepatoxicity. However, a healthy liver and appropriate dosages, as mentioned earlier in this article, should not result in such unwanted effects. If these ever occur, the liver should recover fairly quickly without being damaged in any way.

Female users of this anabolic steroid normally take a dosage between 5 mg and 10 mg daily. Daily doses above 20 mg are likely to cause a certain level of masculinization.

The best Anavar products / brands for sale

We have thoroughly tested all of the Oxandrolone products that are currently on sale based on several factors, primarily the presence of products that have been manufactured or not produced under strict and vital GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. The GMP has been implemented to ensure that all products intended for human use meet the minimum of established criteria for maximum safety and efficacy. We then arrived at the establishment of this list of the most popular and reputable manufacturers, as well as the products available to all users in search of excellence:

  1. Tablets OxaGen 10mg from MyoGen represent a great product. It is now one of the most popular anabolic steroids worldwide. Low androgenic action, excellent growth of dry muscle mass, rapid fat burning property and effective muscle building ... a perfect ally!
  2. Anavar Mactropin produces moderate effects of drying and strength; making him a favorite of women in bodybuilding and fitness.

Whichever one you choose, it will deliver significant results, and your fitness and / or bodybuilding goals will be met!


  1. Oxanabol and Xandrol are without a doubt the best. For having used them several times in the past with very good results.
    I am sure that I will still use them for my next cures.

  2. Another point that you forgot to mention, the price. Anavar was said to be an expensive steroid but now it is no longer the case. In a few years prices have dropped drastically, to the delight of bodybuilding enthusiasts.

  3. Hello,
    I would like to cure Anavar, are you sending to Polynesia? In addition to the Anavar, what products should I take (PCt protection etc)?

  4. I'm looking to lose weight and gain definition and maybe a little strength. At 45, is Anavar worth it? I'm not trying to get massive or really huge. Just get a nice definition of what I have (basically don't be embarrassed when I take my shirt off).
    To this end, what dosage would you recommend? If it's a small maintenance dose say 40mg or less, do I really need Test and HCG?

    1. Hello,
      According to your expectations and your objectives, Anavar is certainly what you need. Be sure that at the end of an Anavar treatment you will have a very good definition.
      So that we can have more precision on the dosage, I advise you to fill out our free treatment request form. Our experts will be happy to concoct a treatment specially tailored for you.

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