The 5 best Testo-E on the anabolic market in 2020

What is Testo-E?

Testo-E is the abbreviation for testosterone enanthate. This is theone of the oldest steroids produced since testosterone was first manufactured; and it has been one of the most used since it entered bodybuilder communities around the world. This popularity is probably due to the fact that testosterone enanthate is a slow-acting steroid, greatly lengthening its effects compared to the majority of steroids. Indeed, Testo-E was the first form of long ester testosterone used.

testosterone enanthate is also one of the most commonly used testosterones for the treatment of men with any form of testosterone deficiency. It is also one of the cheapest anabolic steroids on the market, it is versatile and represents a product well tolerated by most users - perfect for all skill levels. Not only is this the ideal product for the first-time steroid user, it also works well in those who are fully experienced with steroids - although it can have unwanted effects; which we will find out later in this article. These side effects are easily controllable.

What benefits can you expect from using Testo-E?

It is by far the most effective product available if you are looking for supplements for mass gain, thanks to its ability to have dramatic effects on strength and muscle growth. With a half-life of around 10 days, it is ideal for those who prefer less frequent injections.

The main benefits you can expect from taking Testosterone enanthate include, but is not limited to:

  • Caring for advanced muscle growth
  • A better recovery level
  • Caring for better sexual performance
  • Delivery charges improved energy levels / a feeling of well-being
  • Delivery charges higher strength levels
  • Caring for protection against hormonal overproduction
  • A better fat burning potential
  • Un better anabolic environment in the body ; thus stimulating the effects of other anabolic products

Testo-E dosages and cycles

For physical purposes and for bodybuilding, the dosage suitable for beginners generally varies between 300 and 500 mg per week. For the intermediate user who will use Testosterone Enanthate, on the other hand, the dosage is between 500 and 750 mg per week. Advanced and professional users generally use 1g per week, or even more, depending on their personal experience with this product.

Regarding the cycles of Testosterone Enanthate, in the context of bulking or muscle, this product is typically used with a minimum dose of 500 mg per week - because this of steroid has a long ester, and has a longer half-life (7 to 10 days), cycles last between 10 and 12 weeks or more.

During the drying and mass gain cycles, Testosterone Enanthate is often stacked with products that facilitate the achievement of the end goal of its user. For example, Testosterone Enanthate cycles for mass gain generally include Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) and / or Dianabol   (Methandrostenolone).

The most common side effects of Testo-E

The side effects of Testosterone Enanthate include both androgenic and estrogenic effects.

Estrogenic side effects may include: edema (fluid retention), high blood pressure (a consequence of fluid retention), increased fat gain and possible development of gynecomastia.

Androgenic side effects may include the following: oily skin, heavy acne formation, increased hair growth (face and body) and risk of male pattern baldness - occurring if the user has a genetic predisposition.

However, several studies have proven the opposite of claims that Testosterone Enanthate is toxic to the liver (hepatoxicity).

In order to avoid the undesirable effects mentioned above, users just need to administer adequate protection during the period in which they take Testo Enanthate. The use of a product like Arimidex, an excellent variant, is for example perfect in this case.

In addition, users should also follow a relaunch adequate (post cycle therapy); for example, by taking one Clomid tablet and one Novaldex tablet every day for 20 days. This catch will be more than enough.

It should also be noted that existing genetic conditions may increase the likelihood of these effects occurring. This is the reason why you will need to do a health check before, during and after the cycle, in order to check the genetic compatibility.

It is also essential that you take only the recommended dosage appropriate to your level of experience while taking any form of testosterone; in order to have an efficient cycle that cannot harm you.

The 5 best Testo-E products / brands on the market

We have created a small list of the best Testo-E available on the world market; after consulting users and professionals (doctors, consultants, etc.), and such are the results:

  1. Testosterone Enanthate 250, is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders looking for the best variant of enanthate to increase their strength during training; as well as for the cycles of mass and muscle gain. It works wonderfully!
  2. Enanthat 250 by Dragon Pharma is an androgenic steroid perfect for stimulating the development and maturation of sperm. It is also used to treat several types of anemia, regulate the nitrogen imbalance in the body and cure hypogonadism.
  3. Testosterone enanthate 250 by Mactropin is simply a product of premium quality and exceptional value. It delivers precisely the effects you expect, exactly when you expect it.
  4. Testo-Depot by SIS LABS: thanks to this company, the quality is obtained without going through crazy expenses. Their incredible variant of enanthate was produced in accordance with the rules of the GMP (Food Manufacturing Practice); to ensure that every product you receive is both perfectly concentrated and as pure as possible.
  5. Test E by Maha Pharma can be used with any mass gainer and at a minimal level during dry cycles to ensure protection of hormonal levels.

Each of your cycles with their testosterone enanthate is sure to give the results you expect without causing stress during the whole process.

If you have one of the variants mentioned above in hand, you must prepare to be amazed by the spectacular results that you will get with the product.


  1. I can say that since I started using Testo-E, I would dare to mention the term miracle. My muscle development is progressing normally. However, I still play it safe since it is new to me. In any case, what I currently feel reassures me already.

    1. The best places to inject testosterones are the buttocks or the upper outer thigh half, but you can still do it in the chest or shoulder. Injection into the chest for the purpose of making the chest bigger and the same for other parts of the body is not a real effect and only a placebo effect, as steroids have to reach the liver first, including be broken and then spread throughout the body to produce an effect.

      As for the size of the needle, it is recommended to use a 20 G (0,9 mm), 21 G1 (0,8 mm) or

      22 G (0,7 mm) to ensure slow intramuscular injection.

  2. With such a low dose, you are probably not going to gain much mass. You're probably going to improve your mood, your libido, maybe even lose body fat - if you have it. Start at least Test Enanthate 500mg weekly intramuscularly with Arimidex for four weeks, then clomid for 4 weeks and see how you respond to the product

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