How to pay for your order with Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is an anonymous payment solution that transfers bitcoins (virtual money) from one account to another.

Decentralized, fast and easy to use, Bitcoin is today the best solution to pay for your order.

1 - Get Bitcoins

If you don't have Bitcoin yet, you can buy directly from multiple sites. More information on

2 - Send your Bitcoins to pay for your order

Please copy the Bitcoin address given on the payment page after placing your order, and note the total order amount to be paid in USD.

Copy our Bitcoin address

This Bitcoin address is unique for each order, so please do not reuse this address for another order later.

3 - Automatic validation of your order

Once your Bitcoin payment has been made, your order will be automatically validated in a few minutes by the blockchain. You will also receive a confirmation email.

With payments sent to our Bitcoin address, you don't need to send us any payment form, your order will be validated automatically.

Like other payment gateways, please never mention the site you are ordering from or the products.

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