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Both steroids shown in this E and Deca test cycle are injectable. They differ in their anabolic and androgenic activity, which are very well combined with simultaneous admission.

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This cycle is not intended for beginners. It is always best to start with lighter, more harmless steroids. Testosterone and Nandrolone belong to very strong anabolics which are suitable for experienced athletes.

Results of the E and Deca test cycle

  1. Increase in muscle fibers of at least one kilogram per week.
  2. Adding to physical strength up to 25% per cycle.
  3. Growth of endurance in training.
  4. Improved recovery rate after training in the gym.
  5. Rapid and substantial delivery of oxygen to blood and muscle cells.
  6. Good healing of all sports and athletic injuries.
  7. Strengthening of bone tissue, ligaments and tendons.
  8. Great motivation for training.
  9. Increases free testosterone in the body.


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