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Ipamorelin is the peptide that stimulates an increase in growth hormone. Hence, it leads to the growth of muscles, reduction of fat cells, and increased endurance. Ipamorelin is made up of a large number of sequentially interconnected amino acids.

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Despite the fact that ipamorelin belongs to the preparations that stimulate the production of growth hormone, it still has some differences from other peptides. First of all, this solution directly affects the release of IGF and keeps it at a certain level for a long time. It is able to block somatostatin affecting the production of growth hormone.
The effects of using Ipamorelin:

  • reduction of adipose tissue
  • pronounced growth of muscle mass
  • improved muscle relief
  • deceleration of aging changes
  • strengthening bones and ligaments


1 reviews for Ipamorelin 5mg - 1 vial - Euro Pharmacies

  1. Lelenabavy -

    Great communication, updates throughout the process. UP even followed up after the fact to make sure I was happy.

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