New protections available: SamaGen and ClomiGen!

ClomiGen (clomid) and SamaGen (liver protection) are now available!

ClomiGen: an essential element of post cycle therapy

Improves hormonal balance | Restores testosterone level | Recovery and PCT

SamaGen: The ultimate liver protector

Protection of the liver | Protein synthesis stimulator | Faster recovery

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24.07.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX - Bayonne - FRANCE
3x hcg + 2x cyp test + 1x viagra, all at mactropin, thank you super-steroid! ...
08.07.2020 - Vedene - France
Clomid, arimidex, novaldex and proviron as well as the Maha Pharma pack: clenbuterol 40 and T3 Satisfied with the site, good products,…
07.07.2020 - Auray - France
Winstrol arrive on board in its original packaging and discreetly you can go there with your eyes closed…

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