How do I inject?

Advice and tutorial to carry out intramuscular or subcutaneous injections perfectly: technique, areas to prick, good procedures…

Many of you hesitate about the transition between oral and injectable cures because of a recurring question.

"How do I give my injection?" "

Through this short article, we will try to help you get through this with the help of a short tutorial.

Intramuscular injection

Intramuscular injection (IM injection) is the injection method used for anabolic steroidss.

It is also possible to use this injection method for products like growth hormone (HGH) and / or some peptides (mainly igf-1 and its variants) but it is much more rage and linked to specific uses.

Let's come back to what interests us, the injections of anabolic steroids intramuscularly.

Before you start you should know that products from the same family can mix in the syringe.

Oily with oily (Sustanon, Trenbolone, Déca-Durabolin etc…)

Aqueous with aqueous (Winstrol, testosterone suspension)

You will need a 3cc or 5cc syringe. Plan larger than what you are going to inject. If you inject 4ml, provide 5ml syringes.

Pharmacists are forced to sell you syringes if you ask for them, and they don't have to know why it's for your personal use.

For needles, 21G or 23G are the most commonly used formats.

40 * 0,7 for the glutes.

5 * 0,6 for the thighs.

15 * 0,6 for the shoulders, calves, biceps, triceps, pectorals.

Or sting?

The best place to prick yourself with most products is your butt!

The risk-free zone is the upper outer quarter of the buttocks. The sciatic nerve goes into the other quarters.
But alone, it's an acrobatics to do it.

Or, at the tip of the biceps, if you have a tip on your biceps, if not, go your way. However, try to avoid the veins.

In the triceps, no problem if you stay in the fleshy upper part, whether the external or internal triceps. I find it painful, do not approach the tendons.

In trapezoids, the advantage is that it is not painful.

In the shoulder, it's more delicate, aim for the middle of the middle deltoid.


In the thigh, it is in the lower third third of the vast external that you can give the needle.

In the calves, it hurts a lot, but it is often essential when one is not genetically endowed with good calves.

In the large ridges, on the outer edge. At the bottom of the pectorals.

Preparation for injection

You will start by washing your hands properly. Then, pass a cotton wool soaked in alcohol on the rubber of the bottle containing your product.

Injecting ¼ CC of air into a multi-use vial makes it easier to fill the syringe by suction effect.

Do not tap the tip of your needle against the bottom of the bulb, you will dull it and it will hurt a little more when you push it in.

Do not touch anything with your needle. If this happens, change it.

Tap your syringe with your finger to expel air until a little liquid escapes from the needle. Do not sponge this liquid, it lubricates the needle and allows it to better penetrate the skin.

Clean the injection area with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol and relax your muscle, otherwise the needle will not come back, come out or hurt you.

Quickly pierce the skin layers (this is where it stings) and then push the needle all the way into the muscle.

Pull the piston a little. If blood comes up you are in a vein, remove everything, change the needle, start again.

During the injection, go slowly, let the product diffuse, press constantly on the piston. Most products are oily, so you cannot infect too quickly, the diameter of the needle does not allow it.
Once all injected, remove the syringe suddenly (it does not hurt), and pass the area again with alcohol. Make a few movements and massage the area to spread the product.

Subcutaneous injections

Subcutaneous injections are used for injections of Peptides , Insulin HGH et EPO .

Some have used this type of injection for testosterone but it is not the most suitable for the absorption of the product by the tissues.

We therefore advise you to use subcutaneous injections (SC) only for peptide, hgh and epo.

You will start by washing your hands properly. Then, pass a cotton pad soaked in alcohol on the rubber of the bottle containing your product as well as on the injection area.

There are 4 SC injection zones.

  • External part of the arms
  • Abdomen (our preference)
  • Anterior part of the thighs
  • External upper part of the buttocks

Once your injection area has been chosen and disinfected, make a skin fold between your thumb and forefinger

Inject sc skin folds

Introduce the needle at an angle of 45 ° or 90 ° depending on the thickness of the skin tissue, with a quick, precise and firm gesture.

Do not loosen the skin as loosening of the tissue could introduce the needle into a muscle.

sc2 injection

Pull the plunger to check for blood reflux. If there is blood reflux, take out the needle and prepare a new syringe.

Slowly inject the product and then withdraw the needle quickly and painlessly.

You see, it's not that complicated


    1. Hi, you need 1mL of sterile or bacteriostatic water type solution.
      1mL represents the 100 graduations of your 1mL insulin needle.

  1. Hello to all the community. ..after many accidents the physical is not really what it used to be so here I am putting, I am rather ignorant in the field so I potash the subject before sending. My primary objective being to recover above all my physique which I had taken years to build. … In short my first question and how to best store my injectable solutions like deca and substanon at first .. should I protect them from humidity and light? Or in the fridge? Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond!

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