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Understand the mechanism of Myostatin and its functions to see the value of its inhibition for increasing muscle mass.

Surpassing yourself, reaching your limits are the common threads of everything. Exceeding its limits belongs to the register of exploits and is unfortunately inevitable.
This body, which is above all a machine, cannot go beyond its genetic code. There are many barriers and only the mind can make a difference.
Lots of foods called fortifying are necessary for the proper functioning of our body, which it is essential to consume daily for a long time.
This journey is long and has no direct effect.

The bodybuilder is not a sportsman like the others. Its muscle structure is fully exploited. Each part of its architecture is aroused. The effort is therefore more intense and requires a nutrient supply higher than normal.

The bodybuilder remains one of a kind. The work provided is meticulously calculated and requires great rigor. This precision of work requires constant and daily concentration.

The metabolism is therefore called upon perpetually, even during sleep.

The bodybuilder's body is boiling: calories are burned on a large scale and the body is in excessive demand for nutrients.

There are many alternatives on the market. Regular consumption of these products plays on the biological balance of our body and leads to consequences of deficiency in most cases.

Also it is essential to modify its eating habits to benefit from the contributions of these alternatives.

This is why thanks to scientific research and animal experiments, a new generation of cutting-edge products has revolutionized the sports world. Many pejoratives hover around this phenomenon and the rumors quickly did their job without foundation and search for information.

Word "doping”Is in itself a guilty criticism which pushes the sportsman to hide without considering the option of therapy. These products meet a high demand for physical support for athletes and bodybuilders.

Of course like everything there are uncontrollable drifts due to unconsciousness and lack of care.


Already in antiquity athletes used mixtures of plants also called “explosive cocktail” which allowed them to reach the degree of superman.

Nowadays microscopy delivers us the secrets of the molecules contained in our body.

In particular Myostatin, this protein that limits the growth of muscle tissue so that the muscles do not oversize and give us the physical appearance that we call “the norm”.

Each individual is unique in his person as well as his physique.

Nowadays homogeneity reigns and everyone wants to look like everyone (fashion effect, hyper consumption…)

But the over-dimension of the muscle is necessary for any sportsman wishing to increase his performance while keeping his work force and intensive training.


During physical preparation or during competition, and even during recovery, Myostatin, which is a molecule secreted naturally by skeletal muscle cells during body development and in adulthood, controls muscle repair and growth. by blocking the proliferation of muscle cells.

Let's see a concrete example. When the athlete has had a tear or is following an intensive muscle strengthening program, healing of the damaged muscle requires activation of the skeletal cells with Myostatin.

The control of muscle growth is done by a crack in the muscle which generates an inflation represented by a cell rupture which releases molecules.

Then comes a cascade of signals involving satellite cells creating the multiplication and development of new muscle fibers that are larger and more resistant. Myostatin therefore regulates the size of muscle fibers but not their number.

This process continues until the muscle receives a signal to stop its growth.

So Myostatin prevents the activation of satellite cells allowing the growth of muscle to stop. It should be noted that this phenomenon only acts on skeletal cells and therefore the heart muscle is not subject to this functioning.

This is why the inhibition of Myostatin becomes necessary and profitable to achieve its goal of muscle strength expansion.

How and why to inhibit Myostatin?

Several methods are possible with the aim of preventing the binding between Myostatin and its receptor called activin IIB (ActRIIB).

By its methods the activity of Myostatin will be blocked and the growth of muscle will not be stopped.

role myostatin activin

Follistatin and ACE-031

The methods involve trapping active Myostatin by antibodies.

Or inactivate it with a synthetic pro peptide. Or increase the expression of natural Myostatin inhibitors such as Follistatin.

Or finally make the Myostatin receptors attached to skeletal cells inactive.

The molecules used can be endogenous or exogenous. Endogenous molecules have a role in modulating the activity of Myostatin.

These molecules are called among others, Follistatin.

Follistatin is a peptide found in human serum, it naturally inhibits Myostatin.

This molecule binds to Myostatin circulating in the serum and prevents its binding to the receptor.

It sequesters it at the level of the extra cellular membrane, so Myostatin does not reach the other cells.

Follistatin is synthesized at the level of gonadotropic cells but also at the level of folliculostellate cells in the anterior pituitary gland.

But it is also produced in other types of cells.

Its inhibitory role affects the amount of Myostatin that can bind to the activin receptor.


On the other hand there is also the pro peptide protein ACE-031 (ACVR2B) a synthetic molecule produced by binding part of the receptor to part of human antibodies.

This method blocks Myostatin receptors by directing antibodies against it.

The synthetic ACE-031 (ACVR2B) peptide inactivates Myostatin by maintaining it. Then the pro peptide detaches from the inactive Myostatin and the latter binds to the skeletal muscle cell by the receptor. Knowing that Myostatin is inactive, it no longer limits muscle growth.

Myostatin-related hypertrophies.

As previously explained, Myostatin has a regulatory effect on muscle mass. However, a mutation in Myostatin was detected in the 90s, disturbing the metabolism of animals, especially in cattle. Indeed this mutation called “blue white beige” does not stop the growth of muscle in animals and its muscle mass increases considerably. This phenomenon is called hypertrophy and has harmful consequences on their health by a low level of collagen, a high proportion of fast glycolytic fiber and little fat deposition. Consequently the animals are tired, more susceptible to respiratory diseases, have reduced fertility and difficult calving.

On the other hand, a more than surprising case was recently discovered in a three-year-old child. Liam Hoeksra, German living in America, is a child like the others except that he has been capable since his first months of incredible exploits. Like wearing dumbbells that are a third of his weight or doing abdominal flexions at full speed among others.

Carrying an extremely rare genetic mutation which affects his receptivity to Myostatin, this child has 40% more muscle mass than normal.

Unlike animals, the hypertrophy that Liam undergoes has no harmful consequences on his health. Indeed Liam has a fast metabolism, little fat and an extraordinary strength. Everything a top athlete can dream of having. On this child rests a big hope in favor of the use of the blocking of Myostatin.

Myostatin clinical studies

Although this case remains extremely rare, substantial clinical studies on Myostatin are being tested on animals and humans. But studies have already been published on muscle function in the absence of Myostatin.

The experiments carried out on mice deficient in Myostatin reveal that in spite of a larger muscle, the maximum strength is not increased or even decreased. It has been certified that animals with a Myostatin deficiency lose oxidative fibers in favor of glycolytic fibers.

However, the effect of this fiber conversion on muscle function and exercise capacity is not known. This is why the laboratories are studying the possibility of reversing this process by specific muscle exercises.

All studies observe an increase in muscle mass after blocking Myostatin. Increases in the force produced have been calculated. These results are promising and support the interest of therapy by blocking Myostatin.

In addition, this effect is not only beneficial for muscle growth but also results in complex interaction with other tissues allowing the improvement of muscle architecture.

On the other hand, the blockage of Myostatin has therapeutic properties on many muscular diseases like Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

It has also been proven that deactivation of Myostatin has a direct impact on cancer cells allowing a longer lifespan in the patient. Particularly in people with colon cancer.

Conclusion: Will studies on Myostatin make us supermen?

From the studies of Myostatin we can be certain that it is a mutant molecule capable of modifying in order to double the capacity of the muscular system.

Have we been genetically modified as humanity advances? Will our genetic code evolve to the point that the strength of our brain has taken the place of the strength of our muscles?

Many questions remain unanswered like the construction of the pyramids of Egypt on a desert ground by the only force of the men.

Has our body adapted to our living conditions?

Genetics is already at the forefront. The scientific world is in full turmoil and could not be more improbable experiences are emerging thanks to modern technology.

A promising future embraces this modifiable Myostatin phenomenon. Modern technology will increasingly intensify and allow science to unravel the mysteries of our body over time. Will the future of man be inspired by fiction? Will the heroes of our childhood be the men of tomorrow? Everything is possible. But what is certain is that the human body has an infinite force of adaptation. Life expectancy has increased in recent centuries. The diversity of food thanks to globalization predestines us to a better knowledge of food. The medical world exchanges its research and knowledge internationally. And the comfort of our lives makes it easier for us to take charge of our bodies.

Nowadays the big megalopolises favor individualism. “One for all, all for one” has completely disappeared. “Every man for himself” has taken its place.

A paradoxical social life, where an excessive density merges into lonely lives, and where the neighbor has become invisible while we communicate via the internet for miles. A modern life that goes a hundred hours, divides us and makes us unknown face to face.

As a result, a feeling of insecurity intensifies and pushes for foresight.

A world where the law of the strongest is in process.

Will the law of the jungle reign in the world of tomorrow? Perhaps, but this abstraction of the group must awaken us in order to take precautions.

What better security than knowing how to rely on yourself. Beyond the material aspect (house car money) this feeling of self satisfaction, of expansion of self-confidence can only be acquired by the control of one's body and mind.

The sportsman already predominates and stands out from the crowd. His fighting spirit makes him stand out and outdo himself is a solid and indestructible routine.

He is aware of the world he lives in and trust is difficult to give him. This individual will obviously seek to develop his physical and mental strength. To become stronger and stronger.


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