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All our useful information on doping and endurance to understand the mechanisms and the functioning for better sports results.

Endurance. A windfall hoped for by many athletes. Today, it is within the reach of those who are properly informed about doping products, which, combined intelligently, allow the obtaining of results far exceeding expectations.

Whether for running, tennis, cycling or any other sport requiring extreme and long physical efforts. Several laboratories have joined forces to create molecules which have the property of pushing the body to gain endurance and to tire more slowly.

Whatever the effect sought by athletes such as endurance, performance, rapid loss of fat or just as rapid gain in muscle mass. A whole range of doping products created to act on well studied targets of the body are within everyone's reach.

There are however different sports and different sportsmen. As time is money, many athletes therefore need to gain muscle and endurance quickly. Some experiences have shown that you can achieve in a few days effects that you usually get in several months or even years. Certain sports results no longer leave any doubt about the performances acquired thanks to steroids.

Bodybuilding is undoubtedly the sport discipline or the effects of steroids are most conspicuously visible. These athletes from their very start in the world of body-building learn to test and recognize the effectiveness of different steroids in order to achieve spectacular muscle and endurance performance. Over time, they learn to create their own mix of different steroids by targeting certain effects. They become their own coach and their experiences are used in professional circles. Their appearance is the signature of different molecules, which, intelligently mixed, help to obtain the desired curves. However, in this extreme sport, to keep a well sculpted body, it is still necessary today to take steroids continuously. In some cases every day.

Above all, you must learn correctly about the first steroids to take. If bodybuilders are still forced to give injections, laboratories have been able to market natural products that are just as effective and have far fewer side effects. However, before you start taking steroids you should know most of them and especially understand their use in order to avoid unnecessary accidents. Each molecule is specific and each is used for a targeted effect. This does not mean that we have to go towards the most efficient from the start because we must first of all test and test again, before using all the most recommended products before going towards molecules with more explosive effects .

From a physiological point of view, anabolic steroids act on muscle mass in at least two ways. First, they increase protein production, second, they reduce recovery time by blocking the effects of cortisol on the muscle tissue, so that the catabolism of the muscles is greatly reduced. This reduction is due to the fact that steroids would inhibit the action of other hormones promoting the breakdown of muscles.

It is good for this to know some names of steroids in order to know which one to go to first because they each often have specific characteristics of their own like the Winstrol which is used by bodybuilders especially in drying cycles to significantly reduce water and fat retention. It is a moderate and low androgenic anabolic steroid. The Boldenone, is a steroid recommended for beginners. Its actions are not spectacular but it allows to obtain a shapely and durably acquired musculature. It takes a while to get the desired effects. It is not known to have any significant side effects. Its interest is to be a steroid helping to develop a lesser mass but of good density with low water retention.

The list is long and it is only in the interest of those who would like to experience it to linger. Anyone seeking to dope is above all a person who plans to compete and who says competition for sport also says going beyond the natural limits of his own body. The power provided by anabolics is undeniable. For the first example, that of cyclist Lance Armstrong who, less than two years after extreme chemotherapy, won the Tour de France. More than a victory, it is a message of hope. These exploits, even if everyone knows today that they were successful thanks to theEPO , still leaves a positive message regarding the phenomenal endurance and healing capacities obtained. If sport is a necessary springboard to lead people to admit that it is interesting to recognize certain beneficial effects of steroids in the medical world, we will have to learn to take a more curious and less accusatory look when it comes to the science of hormones.

Testosterone is the mainstay of muscle building. It is a male hormone, which, if found in greater numbers in the body sometimes turns into estrogen. This phenomenon can cause Gynecomastia. In the world of bodybuilding and sports this is called flavoring. It is one of the most common phenomena among beginners. Some injectables are the cause. This is why it is necessary to always learn about side effects. It is even sometimes better to dwell on it because new products are constantly being released on the markets.

It is no longer difficult today, from the first glance, to recognize an athlete whether doped or not. Whether in athletics, tennis or cycling. Muscle improvements and performance no longer deceive anyone. Epochs change and so do their interests. Before, sport was free, today many have managed to make it their profession. Sponsors are the main payers, so you must constantly stay on the level and never fail. The body having its limits and the passage of time is never favorable, so there is no other option than to seek at all costs if not other performances, to keep your endurance. Injury to the muscle caused by effort used to force athletes to recover over a determined period of time. If by bad luck there were serious injuries, the healings could sometimes be very long. It is enough today to know your body, its needs, its skills, to take the right molecule and get rid of all the negative effects of ordinary sports training. It is to be hoped that science advances for this in order not only to be able to create the miracle pill which can help everyone to recover from their efforts quite easily. But also that certain products are tested by large laboratories in order to be generalized in pharmacies for the needs of those who want to know the benefits.

Doping products have had a bad press for years and are often assimilated to cheating with regard to sports disciplines dependent on national and international federations for which doping is a serious offense most often sanctioned by the exclusion of the sportsman.

It can not be otherwise. After all, sport is physically and mentally surpassing oneself with all the loyalty that the athlete mentally owes to his body, his sportsmanship and to those who support him. Only the times change and it is necessary to know how to adapt. Today, no sport has been exempt from a doping scandal. It might be interesting today to ask the question in another way. If doping is everywhere, would this not also be the cause of an era when the sponsors and their financial windfall are pushing athletes into their last entrenchments obliged to provide a result like the brands?

Each era has its codes. Today, it would be more interesting to let research provide sports of all kinds with the possibility of going ahead by meeting all possible challenges and updating all scientific products without having to veil themselves face, or fear the organized hypocrisies of sports federations and nations.

Because it is this very agreed hypocrisy that pushes the laboratories to a merciless war where secrecy and fraud is law allowing them to sell always more expensive some novelties which are leaving neither the time to make legal analyzes, nor the product traceability. Reducing athletes to laboratory rats.

Whatever judgment one might make on doping products, whether one is for or against, does not take away from the fact that the spectacular results demonstrated by certain athletes are proof of the real effects of certain molecules.


  1. I just received my cure for weight loss, everything is there and I received everything in less than a week, so ultra efficient in terms of timing, now I am starting the cure (t3 + clenbuterol), I will keep you posted on effects, but I have already noted and measured an increase in the pulse of 15 to 20 puls / min and I am not hungry thing that changes, because in general I am tjs more or less hungry because of my very hard diet.
    I hope to have the revised results and finally have a partner to be at the top in competition.
    Bye Mathieu.

    1. hello virginia, I'm looking to gain endurance, I practice combat sport, no competition so no risk of being tested, but I really want to be more resistant in cardio and recovery, EPO would be the most suitable solution?

  2. I lost 4 to 5 kg variable, largely good results, I received epo which is also very effective, I am at 3000 IU every 2 days, plus T3 and Clen, I have a Trail compette in 4 days 63 kms and 3850 of D +, you keep abreast of the results, “super steroids” is Bomb BB !!!!!

  3. I ordered EPO for an important criterium, there is nothing to say about the quality of service and the professionalism of the team at Package packed with cunning and care, delivery on time.
    I will call on them next time.
    Cool guys

  4. Hello,

    Regarding doping and endurance, I keep a very good experience with Boldenone. The latter allows an increase in the production of red blood cells and production of EPO by the body. This increase is obvious, so boldenone is very suitable for endurance.

    At 1200 mg / week you immediately feel ease in your breath. The rest times are drastically reduced, a 10 second stop between reps instead of my usual 20 seconds.

    Even in bed I am more enduring ……

  5. Yes, it's true, doping also affects lesser-known sports and less-controlled popular races, so a lot goes through the cracks. Too few athletes, federations and organizers are trying to curb this phenomenon, it even seems that some encourage it.

  6. Anadrol is good if you do not participate in competitions or there is no detection of anabolics.
    But it is too risky ... we risk being caught at the slightest test. In this case the best option is EPO.

  7. It seems to me that EPO is a sufficiently harmful product that we take after consulting a specialist, this concerns the precision of the dosages.
    Good documentation beforehand is also necessary.

  8. Hello virgine I see that you know dosase well and the mixture of products how do you do for your cure? Because I myself practice an endurance sport but I don't know how to do it

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