USV is a leading healthcare company, whose origins date back over 55 years. Today, the USV product range goes from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Formulations to fixed doses, peptides to injectables. With 55 years of experience, USV is no longer just reaching the Indian market. The company exports to more than 75 countries worldwide. In India, USV is recognized as the leader in oral anti-diabetic medicines. USV is also number 1 in the medication sector for treating cardiovascular disorders. The Company also has a very significant presence in the fields of vitamins, nutrients and dermatology. In sport, the Glycomet USV helping to fight type II diabetes is very popular. This compound is commonly used by diabetics and obese people. Glycomet will effectively reduce protein levels as well as the production of glucose in the liver. So, thanks to Glycomet, the Bodybuilder will be able to control its fat mass rate.

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