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Discover an outdoor training method: street-workout, its benefits, its advantages and its philosophy. Healthy and modern sports fashion!

It is always good to do regular workouts. This helps you keep your body in good shape and healthy, and it helps you get rid of daily stress. Whether in the morning or in the evening, a few exercises and a few workouts help keep you fit and healthy. You will learn a little more about what Street Workout is and how it can benefit you.

Street Workout

What is Street Workout?

It is a type of physical exercise and activity that is mainly done outdoors. Also in parks or other public facilities. It is a good kind of workout that has some great advantages over gyms and indoor exercises.

You can combine different kinds of exercises during this workout. A combination of athletics, sports and gymnastics that make this workout very intense and beneficial for athletes.

This type of training has become very popular in recent times and you will see more and more videos of the young generation who practice it. This does not require expensive investments in equipment and it promotes a physical, a healthy body, socialization and a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the popular exercises performed in the Street Workout (calisthenics) are:

  • Pumps
  • Pull-ups
  • Abs
  • Back pumps
  • Muscle-ups
  • Squats
  • Abs sit-ups.

Just like the Lafay method, the calisthenic session is made up of certain exercises performed using mainly body weight. The main objective of calisthenics is to improve muscle strength and to have a natural physical form.

History of Street Workout

The word "Callisthenia" is derived from an ancient Greek word "kallos". It means strength and beauty.

It is an art that is done using your own body weight in order to develop your physique and get a body in top shape. According to legends, it is reported that this workout was named after Callisthenes who was a famous Greek historian. Some of the disciples of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn have brought this version of exercises or workouts to the USA.

Therefore, this Street Workout workout was seen as a form of potential training program for men and women to achieve a healthy life in a healthy body.

The Benefits of Calisthenics

An outdoor workout is always beneficial for the mind and body. This will benefit you a lot if you do it regularly. The advantages of this training program are:


  • Outdoors - Exercising in the gym or at home will not give you fresh air. With Street Workout, you can breathe fresh air and feel good. It is essential for people to feel good and have a healthy body.

  • Bodyweight exercises - There is no need to buy gym equipment or machines to perform this workout. You will be able to do this using your own body weight. This training program is incredibly effective and you will be able to benefit a lot from it.

  • Add Variety - You can try doing different types of exercises in this Street Workout workout program. You can do push-ups, abs, push-ups, jumps, crunches, squats and many more other varieties of workouts. This makes training even more interesting and you will not feel monotonous by performing these exercises regularly.

  • Improve the physical health of your body - Without a doubt, this training program will help you to improve your body weight but also to have good physical health. Calisthenics can help you have a beautiful body in very good shape. Every woman and every man should try it to be in better shape.

  • Develops coordination - Without proper coordination of the different parts of your body, you would not be able to perform this exercise. This is the best way to perform exercises involving many parts of the body at the same time. For example: hands and legs are used together for pumps. This gradually increases coordination.

  • Improves flexibility - Most of the exercises that are performed using body weight can help in building strength as well as flexibility in the body. Calisthenics help to greatly improve a person's bodily flexibility.

  • Fat loss - Many people only exercise with the goal of losing some body fat. If this is your goal, then calisthenics is a great solution for you. It will help you lose fat from your body effectively with high intensity workouts. They can be practiced without danger.

  • Increases muscle and tone - Through different types of Street Workout exercises, you can build muscle and lose some fat. This will help you stay toned by giving you an athletic body.

  • No risk to the joints - Since you don't have to lift light weights, this training program is completely safe. There is no risk for your joints and you can therefore practice it without fear.

girl workout


When people start to lose weight and fat or gain muscle, they tend to focus on the gym. But a natural training program without the use of machinery or equipment is much better than other forms of exercise.

This is why, nowadays, people opt for Street Workout programs (calisthenics) rather than going to the gym. It is not boring at all and you can have fun while doing this workout. Plus, you don't have to pay anything or buy anything to do this workout.

Street-Workout will help you improve your body weight, flexibility, endurance and strength. You can do these exercises anytime, anywhere without using weights or devices to do the exercises. Calisthenics is a simple form of exercise that naturally helps your body in healthy growth. It will even help you improve your state of mind and release pressure or stress. It will also help you build self-confidence.


  1. I love street workout, I have always been a fierce defender of bodybuilding. It is amazing the result you can get with so little material. Training in the great outdoors is also better than being cloistered at home or in a weight room.
    For me, the only problem with calisthenics is that it stagnates quickly. But if we really want to progress in this sport, it is imperative to think about increasing the difficulty (Inclination variation, spacing variation, reduction of rest time, addition of weight and weight)

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